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Moment is a four-week mindfulness education program for middle school students. The 20, 15-minute daily lessons prepare students to be aware of what is taking place in the present moment by being attentive to themselves and what is going on around them.

As children move through elementary and middle school, the ability to understand and regulate their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors inside and outside of the classroom becomes increasingly important.  Moment is a powerful teacher-led program that provides lessons on mindful meditation, mindful movement, breathing techniques, and application of these skills to everyday life. Students learn to be attentive, reduce aggressive behavior, and regulate their reactions to the world around them.  Training in the four foundations of mindfulness—awareness of body, feelings, thoughts, and relationships—the program teaches students how to be aware of a routine event, how to be mindful of their bodies, how the body reacts to emotions, and appropriate methods to cope with negative emotions.

By using the four mindfulness foundations, students learn to objectively observe and attend to their bodies, minds, and feelings, and to recognize that things change and do not always warrant a reaction. Mindful journeys guide students through brief meditations and calming visualizations. Using two- to five-minute segments, these journeys provide students with the experience of becoming more aware of their bodily sensations, feelings, and thoughts.  The program also trains students to become aware of their bodies, movement, and breathing, as well as to achieve balance, stability, and strength. Each lesson in the Moment Program includes at least one interactive activity designed to enhance student engagement. In addition, students complete nightly homework activities or ‘investigations’ in an accompanying workbook or online using the program website. By repeatedly practicing mindfulness skills, students should enhance the likelihood of internalization and generalization of these skills.