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Master Mind is a mindfulness education, substance abuse prevention program for elementary school-aged children.  The four-week program provides developmentally appropriate interactive and experiential activities, role-playing, and real-world applications to engage youth in understanding the mindfulness concept and how to apply it.

Students enroll in Master Mind Academy, a comprehensive program that provides 20, 15-minute daily lessons led by a classroom teacher.  Pax and Paws—a monkey and a panda—cleverly assist the teacher in facilitating one subtopic of mindfulness each week, including awareness of the body, feelings, thoughts, and relationships.  At the conclusion of each week, students receive a sticker badge indicating that they have mastered the material taught on that subtopic.  At the end of the four-week program, students receive a final graduation badge.

The program includes having the students complete engaging homework activities called “investigations” as well as extension assignments that are designed to further students’ understanding of mindfulness and provide them with a wide variety of opportunities to practice their newly learned skills. After becoming a “master mind” or mindfulness expert, students will have a solid understanding of mindfulness and will have developed a toolkit of mindfulness skills.  The skills taught in the program include mindful meditation, mindful movement, and breathing techniques, all of which can be applied to everyday life.