Corporate Capabilites

Our Corporate Capabilities

Does your organization need help developing or evaluating your services or programs?

With backgrounds ranging from psychology to public health to education, iRT researchers have content and technical expertise in helping organizations establish and validate their models and resources. We can provide customized consultation services related to program development, logic models, conceptual frameworks, grant writing, implementation, process evaluations, and outcome evaluations.

We look forward to working with you and your organization to improve the health and well-being of youth, families, and our communities.

Please contact us at 919-493-7700 for more information about our consultative and evaluation services.

    Degrees & Education
    • Adult Clinical Psychology
    • Child Development
    • Child Clinical Psychology
    • Community Psychology
    • Computer Science
    • Life-span Developmental Psychology
    • Education
    • Health Psychology
    • Public Administration
    • Social Psychology
    • Social Work
    • Sociology
    • Statistics
    • Custom-developed assessment tools
    • Computer-assisted interviewing technology (audio-CASI, CAPI)
    • Information management systems
    • Community & program needs assessments
    • Screening and assessment tools
    • Process evaluations
    • Outcome evaluations
    • Survey research
      • Computerized audio assisted self interviewing
      • Telephone interviewing
      • Web based audio assisted self interviewing
      • Structured and semi-structured qualitative and connotative interviews
      • Mail surveys
      • Customized scan forms for data collection & management
    • Advanced quantitative research methods (e.g., SEM, longitudinal analyses, multivariate analyses)
    • Clinical trial research
    • Randomized prevention trial research
    • Focus group research
    • Marketing research and analysis
    • iRT Institutional Review Board (IRB) #00003334
    Training & Consultation
    • Strategic Planning
    • Program development and implementation
    • Curriculum development
    • Web-based Teacher training in school-based prevention programs
    • Blended learning
    • Training workshops
    • Policy development and analysis
    • Website development
    • Information management
    • Training and assistance in writing funding proposals
    • Technical assistance and training
    • Technical assistance to community coalitions
    • Customized software development from design to finished product
      • Windows-based computer-assisted self-interviewing (CASI) or personal-interviewing (CAPI) or telephone-interviewing (CATI) systems with or without audio or multimedia support
      • Relational database modeling
      • Sound recording
      • Incorporated video
      • Custom graphics
      • Exporting data in a variety of formats
      • FTP data export
      • Automated custom reports from database
      • Microsoft office automation
      • Symmetric data encryption
      • Complicated skip patterns
      • Flash animation
      • Custom installation
    • Web-based applications
      • Flash survey processing
      • Flash to ASP communication
      • Streaming audio
      • Web-based survey
      • Support old and new browsers
      • Data validation
      • User authentication
      • Database interaction with stored procedures
    • Windows and Web-based n-tier applications, from design to distribution
    • Custom graphics design
      • Layout
      • Image acquisition
      • Image development
      • Figures including graphs and tables
    • Data warehousing
      • Database design and management using SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Access, SAS, and XML.
      • Data processing with stored procedures, T-SQL, PL/SQL, SAS data step, and SAS macro programming.
      • Data cleaning, validation, and transformation services in support of statistical analyses.
      • Data solutions for standardized and idiosyncratic data formats.
    • Office automation
      • Custom macros in Excel, Word, Outlook, and Access
      • Office user forms
      • Data transfer between office applications for reports
    • User support
      • Phone and email technical support
      • Onsite user trainings and custom installations
    • Data analysis
      • Qualitative analyses
      • Quantitative analyses
      • Descriptive statistics (e.g., frequencies, means, medians, ranges)
      • Inferential statistics (e.g., exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses, regression and logistic regression analyses, categorical modeling analyses, survival analyses, mixed model analyses, longitudinal analyses, person-centered/cluster analyses, structural equation modeling analyses)