Moment Program In-Person Teacher Training



iRT offers an interactive one-day in-person training for the Moment Program.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to the research on children’s ability to understand and regulate their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors inside and outside of the classroom
  • Introduction to mindfulness and how it relations to positive outcomes in youth
  • The theoretical model underlying the program
  • An interactive, guided discussion of the purpose, objectives, alignment of activities with the theory and objectives, and implementation strategies of each lesson
  • Modeling of and participation in the lesson activities

It is important to note that the results of any research-based program are achieved through teachers being faithful to the program. This means that teachers complete the training and also teach all 20 lessons, over a period of approximately four weeks.  Fidelity to the program relates directly to the achievement of the intended goals of the program to positively affect the behavior and coping skills of youth.  It is highly recommended that all teachers who intend to teach the Moment Program to children in their classes complete the training.

The study of the effectiveness of the teacher training and the program were described by Drs. Parker and Kupersmidt, and found that participating teachers:

  • Appeared to have a good understanding of mindfulness, its benefits for the classroom, and the curriculum itself.
  • Reported that they enjoyed teaching the lessons, and found them easy to prepare and teach.

Please contact the iRT Training Department if you are interested in scheduling a Moment Program training workshop for your organization.  For more information, visit

Grant Writing Assistance

Can iRT help you with writing a grant proposal to obtain funding to implement or evaluate this program?

Yes. iRT can help a school, organization, or community coalition write a grant proposal to apply for funding to implement or evaluate this program. We welcome this opportunity to assist you.

Please contact Dr. Alison Parker  or Dr. Janis Kupersmidt, at 919-493-7700 for further information.