Frequently Asked Questions

Moment Overview

Evidence continues to accumulate showing that youth can learn mindfulness and benefit from mindfulness practice, at home and at school. As children make the transition to middle school, there are a number of challenges and stressors they might face and they need to be prepared with tools to cope with these challenges. Mindfulness can provide students with new ways to effectively regulate their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, which in turn, can positively influence their success in school.

Key Features
  • Developmentally appropriate design and content
  • Active program ingredients: mindful meditation, mindful movements, mindful breathing, and real-world applications
  • Provides students with a toolkit of mindfulness skills that they can easily learn, access, and choose to use at school or at home
  • Includes engaging homework and extension assignments designed to further students’ understanding of mindfulness and provide them with a wide variety of opportunities to practice newly learned skills
  • Easy implementation for teachers
  • The Curriculum is adaptable to a variety of group settings, teaching styles, student skill levels, and learning environments
Program Structure
  • Middle school (grades 6, 7, and 8)
  • 20 lessons (typically taught daily across four weeks)
  • Approximately 15 minutes per lesson
  • Led by trained instructors
Instructional Materials
  • Teacher manual
  • Student workbook
  • A website that hosts videos of middle school students demonstrating mindful movements and using mindfulness in stressful situations in school; audio files for developmentally appropriate mindful meditations; illustrations of mindfulness concepts
Teacher training is also available. Contact iRT for more information about the 1-day training.