Frequently Asked Questions

Moment Overview

Key Features
  • Developmentally appropriate design and content
  • Active program ingredients: mindful meditation, mindful movements, mindful breathing, and real-world applications
  • Provides students with a toolkit of mindfulness skills that they can easily learn, access, and choose to use at school or at home
  • Includes engaging homework (“investigations”) and extension assignments designed to further students’ understanding of mindfulness and provide them with a wide variety of opportunities to practice newly learned skills
  • Easy implementation for teachers
  • Kit includes all the materials needed to teach the program
  • Curriculum is adaptable to a variety of classroom settings, teaching styles, student skill levels, and learning environments

Program Structure
  • Middle school (grades 6, 7, and 8)
  • 20 lessons (typically taught across four weeks)
  • Taught daily for approximately 15 minutes per lesson
  • Led by trained classroom teachers

Program Components
Each Moment curriculum kit includes:
  • 1 comprehensive, easy-to-use Teacher Manual
  • 30 Moment Student workbooks (1 for each student)
  • 1 USB drive that includes the following media:
    1. videos of mindful movements and examples of applying mindfulness in everyday life as led by same-aged peers,
    2. audio for mindful journeys, and
    3. images designed to provide examples of mindfulness concepts.