Frequently Asked Questions

Moment FAQs

  1. What is Moment?

  2. Moment is a mindfulness education program for middle school students.

  3. What have been positive outcomes for students who have participated in the Moment program?

  4. As part of a randomized controlled trial, students who participated in the Moment program, compared to students that did not, were better able to pay attention and had improved executive functioning skills, both of which will support their academic functioning. Also, students were less aggressive towards their peers after participating in the Moment program.

  5. What is the Moment program?
    1. 4 weeks – 5 days/week
    2. 15 minutes/day
    3. Lessons led by a trained instructor
    4. Topics: Four foundations of mindfulness including an awareness of the body, feelings, thoughts, and relationships
    5. Skills taught in the program: mindful meditation, mindful movement, breathing techniques, and application of skills to everyday life

  6. What is included in the program?

    1. Teacher Manual
    2. Student workbook
    3. A website that hosts videos of middle school students demonstrating mindful movements and using mindfulness in stressful situations in school; audio files for developmentally appropriate mindful meditations; illustrations of mindfulness concepts

  7. How easy is it to implement this program?

    Very easy to implement, especially after receiving training!

    The materials were professionally designed by graphic and instructional designers to be easy to use and comprehensive, in order to minimize the time teachers would need to spend in preparing to teach a class.

  8. Is there any accompanying training or certification for teachers of this program?

    Yes. There is an interactive, one-day, in-person training for teachers of the program. It can be purchased separately, and covers the research and rationale behind the program as well as training in how to teach it. A web-based certification test is also available for teachers after they complete the training.

    Contact iRT for more information on information about the 1-day training.

  9. Can iRT help organizations with writing a grant proposal to obtain funding to deliver or evaluate this program?

    Yes. iRT can assist you in writing a grant proposal to apply for funding to implement or evaluate this program. We would welcome this opportunity to assist you. Contact iRT for more information on information about the 1-day training.

  10. Who developed this program?

    The Moment program was developed by Drs. Alison Parker and Janis Kupersmidt at innovation Research & Training with funding from the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) in the U.S. Department of Education by Award Number R305A090175 (Parker). The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the IES or the Department of Education.