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MLE and PreventionMLE and Prevention

MLE and Prevention

Parents and PreventionParents and Prevention

Parents and Prevention

Findings from an Evaluation of Media Detective Family Night

After participating in the program, teachers, parents, and students reported highly favorable opinions about their experiences. In addition, parents became more likely to believe that alcohol and tobacco marketing is targeted at youth. Also, parents reported being highly motivated to counter this marketing at home with their children. Notably, in a follow-up questionnaire completed four weeks after participating in MDFN, parents reported that they continued to work on media literacy activities with their children. In fact, parents reported completing an average of six activities over the course of one month. These reports provide evidence that without providing parents with any external incentives, they were highly motivated to integrate media literacy activities into their everyday lives and that MDFN impacted parents and students behavior long after the one-session school event.