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MLE and PreventionMLE and Prevention

MLE and Prevention

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Parents and Prevention

Welcome to Media Detective Family Night

Media Detective Family Night (MDFN) uses an original approach to incorporating families into a school-based, media literacy, substance use prevention program through a minimal intervention format. The framework for this program has been informed by literature on media exposure, media-related cognitions, parental influence, and substance use. By inviting families into the classroom, they learn with their children and are able to help reinforce their children’s media literacy skills at home.

This program is designed to be used as a one-time workshop that is hosted by one or more teachers who have taught Media Detective to their third through fifth grade students. MDFN can be used to provide students with an opportunity to share their new media literacy skills with their families through completing interactive activities together. Students will also show the media advocacy projects created in class to their families. Teachers can use the MDFN program to provide their students with structured activities designed to reinforce the media literacy skills taught in the Media Detective program and to motivate families to get excited and involved in helping their children apply and practice media literacy skills at home and outside of school.