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Media Literacy Education

Media Literacy's Role in PreventionMedia Literacy's Role in Prevention

Media Literacy's Role in Prevention


"I feel that students will be smarter consumers after going through this program!"
--Fifth Grade Teacher

What Students say about Media Detective:
(In order to retain the authenticity of student feedback, quotes below are taken directly from student evaluations.  Spelling and grammatical errors are noted)

What I liked best about being a Media Detective:

“I learned many new clues [such as] about figuring out facts about the ad. I also learned about what exactly media was. It was a great process because [we did] very fun activities which actually taught us more, instead of just sitting down and listening the whole time and getting bored.”

“I liked being a Media Detective because I got to create an ad, learn cool ad hooks, and watch 15 minutes of T.V. Also, I liked that I was having fun while learning.”

“I like that when you be a Media Detective you are able to find what you need to know about ads.”

“The best thing about being a Media Detective was that I got to look at a lot of adds (sic) and base my opinion. I loved it when we got to act things out.”

What are the most important things I learned in Media Detective School?

“[I learned] to think about what this ad is trying to tell me and if that message is actually true. When I am buying a product, I should think if I really need that and if I am in any danger by using it.”

“The most inportant (sic) things I learned was that just because it looks good does not mean it is good. I also learned that beer adds (sic) are targeting children that are under 18.”

“Some alcohol and ciggarate (sic) ads target children so the kids can be a life-time customer. I learned more about ciggarates (sic)/tobacco products/alcohol.”

“I learned how to think and ask myself questions before I begin to beg my parents.”