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Master Mind FAQ

Master Mind Findings

  1. What is Master Mind?

    • Master Mind is a mindfulness education, substance abuse prevention program for elementary school students, designed to improve self-regulatory abilities as well as healthy decision-making surrounding substance use.
    • The development of this program was supported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA; Award # R43 DA024508-01A2).

  2. What have been positive outcomes for students who have participated in the Master Mind Program?

    1. Findings from small randomized controlled trial (N = 111) revealed that students who participated in the Master Mind program in comparison to students in wait-list control classrooms experienced:
      1. Improvements in executive functioning (inhibition and attention) skills (as measured by a performance task);
      2. Increases in teacher-rated self-control abilities (for boys only);
      3. Reductions in teacher-rated aggressive behaviors;
      4. Reductions in teacher-rated social problems;
      5. Reductions in teacher-rated anxiety (for girls only);

  3. What is the Master Mind program?

    1. 4 weeks – 5 days/week
    2. 15 minutes/day at the start of class
    3. Lessons led by classroom teacher
    4. Areas: 4 foundations of mindfulness including the awareness of:
      1. Body (e.g., attention to the present moment),
      2. Feelings (e.g., awareness and control over emotions),
      3. Thoughts (e.g., responding thoughtfully rather than reacting), and
      4. Relationships (e.g., effectively communicating with others).
    5. Skills: mindfulness meditation, mindful movement, breathing techniques, and application of skills to everyday life (e.g., how to effectively deal with challenging peer situations).

  4. What is included in the program?

    1. The curriculum kit contains:
      1. Master Mind Teacher Manual
      2. Student Workbook
      3. USB drive of Images of mindfulness concepts, Videos of mindful movements, and Audio of mindfulness meditations
    2. Teachers participate in a one-day training session

  5. How does this program correspond with the Standard Course of Study?

  6. This program is aligned with the National Health Education Standards (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

  7. How easy is it to implement this program?

  8. Very easy after training! Materials were designed to be attractive, easy to use, comprehensive, and minimize the time spent in teacher preparation.

  9. Is there any accompanying training or certification for teachers of this program?

  10. Yes - There is an interactive training that is highly recommended for teachers of the program. It is not included in the curriculum kit, but can be purchased separately and covers the research and rationale behind the program as well as training in how to implement it. A web-based certification test is also available for teachers after they complete the training.

  11. Can iRT help organizations with writing a grant proposal to obtain funding to deliver or evaluate this program?

  12. Yes, iRT can contract with a school, organization, or community coalition to assist in writing a grant proposal to apply for funding to implement and/or evaluate this program. We would welcome this opportunity to assist you. Please contact Dr. Kupersmidt or Dr. Parker, if you are interested in discussing this assistance.

  13. Who developed this program?

  14. The Master Mind Program was developed by innovation Research and Training with funding from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).