IRT has developed performance-based assessment measures of children’s social and emotional skills that can be found on the Social-Emotional Assessment and Learning (SEAL) Programs website. The Social Information Processing Application (SIP-AP), developed through funding from NIMH, is currently available on the website.  A scored, interpretive report of SIP-AP responses for an individual child can be automatically generated with a few clicks of the mouse.  The Child and Adolescent Recognition of Emotions (CARE) application can also be found on the SEAL Programs website and was developed through funding from NICHD.

 The SEAL website also has a sophisticated web-based service that easily enables investigators to create professional online assessment batteries that can include audio and/or video files from the SEAL library along with standard or customized questions for use with respondents. Assessments can be completed on demand, securely saved on the SEAL server, and raw data can be immediately downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet onto your hard drive.

In addition to the psychological measures and assessment service, IRT specializes in consulting, development, and implementation of web-based applications of measures that can be useful to your organization, clinical practice, or program evaluation activities. We can offer a full-service solution for multi-site or local programs needing this type of IT service. Contact us with your site or program specific needs.